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The Man They

Couldn’t Corrupt


About Deacon Martin

The extremely Reverend Deacon Martin is renowned as a man of dignity and integrity. Although regularly approached with offers of cash and illegal substances, and yes, even by women, he has steadfastly remained true to his principles and the cause of the Eternal Question.

Readers, Fans, and Followers

Freedom, Justice & Information


Artistic Offerings


Lectures available on Economics, Religion, Politics. Evolution,the Human Condition, and much more.


Readings available from his own and other writings.


An eclectic range of music from a variety of sources in the Deacon’s own style.


Sarah ThompsonHigh school teacher

Deacon's writings on democracy, truth, and justice have been an inspiration in my life. His unique perspectives and thoughtful analysis have opened my mind to considering new ideas. I eagerly await each new essay or lecture he publishes.

Mark WilliamsProfessor of Political Science

As a professor of political science, I often recommend Deacon Martin's work to my students. His lectures bridge the gap between academia and the general public, making complex issues understandable. His musical talents also shine through in the lyrical quality of his writings.

Jessica Wunon-profit community organizer

I've been following Deacon's work for over a decade now. From his early days writing for independent blogs and news sites to his latest book on the state of democracy, he has always challenged the status quo with courage and conviction. His voice is an important one in the fight for justice and equality.

David ChenLawyer

Deacon Martin's combination of music, writing, and philosophy represents a unique contribution in the world of arts and letters. His creative works aim to uplift the human spirit while speaking truth to power structures that stifle democracy and human rights. I find inspiration in both the style and substance of his contributions.

A Democracy Is Only As Good As Its Education System

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